Single Home Intercoms

    Viking E-30: Hands-Free Phone System

    The E-30 hands free phone is designed to provide quick and reliable hands-free communication and can be connected directly to a C.O.line or analog PABX/KSU station. The E-30 features non-volatile memory, a built in dialer, and intelligent call progress detection for automatic hang-up when the call is completed. The E-30 can be programmed to dial up to 5 different numbers on ring no answer or busy and can be configured to dial these numbers until answered

    Doorbell Fon DP28IT: Door Answering System

    When door intercom is pressed, your house or office phone will ring, and simply picking up the phone allows you to converse with the door intercom. Handles up to 2 door intercom stations

    Multi-Tenant Building Buzzer

    Jeron HP-101 Apartments Intercom System

    The system offers a diverse array of room and lobby intercom stations to provide visitor signaling, two-way voice communication between tenant and visitor, and remote control entry to residential buildings. The system is designed for new and replacement installations in apartments and condominiums.

    Pacific SP-310, SP-410

    Mini Size Panels
    12 1/2″ H x 4″ W

    Pacific SP-300, SP-400

    Full Size Panels
    16 7/8″ H x 4″ W

    Door Entry System

    Audio or Video door entry systems

    Door entry system is used as a security measure to ensure that you let only the appropriate people in your property. It is critical for your safety and privacy in both business and home environments. These systems are available in both analog or IP. It helps manage your door access to your employees or guests.
    This is in place without the need to go to the door. The door entry system has audio and video options. It lets you to be aware of the third party before you open the door. Both places of residence and commercial spaces use this systems. It is a safe and convenient system.

    How it works

    The door station panel with the buzzer is installed next to the external door or gate. The buzzer can be linked to a well crafted indoor telephone or monitor. It can also be a wireless system like an hands free or gsm. This allows you to talk and/or see the caller. By the press of a button, the gate or door opens up and the guest comes in. Depending on choice, this system can both have image recording or not. These system has damage resistance, variety of finishes, colours and much more.

    Popular door entry systems

    The modern and mostly used door entry systems consist of the 2-wire system and the wireless system. The two wire system is easily made with the available wire and with new system. The wireless system makes use of no wires in a no mess approach. Both are great, depending on the clients taste.

    Doorbell Fon DP28IT: Door Answering System

    When door intercom is pressed, your house or office phone will ring, and simply picking up the phone allows you to converse with the door intercom. Handles up to 2 door intercom stations

    Telephone Entry Systems

    Mircom TX3-200-4U

    Mircom’s TX3-200-4U Slim Line Telephone Access System is designed to provide primary resident/visitor access control for small condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, gated communities and industrial buildings with up to 200 residents or users. The slim design is ideal for applications with limited space, or for applications where a separate directory exists or is not required.

    Linear AE100

    The Model AE-100 Commercial Telephone Entry System – One Door is designed for use as a primary access control device for apartments, condominiums, and offices with up to 125 residents.
    The system can be used in a lobby or outside. Surface, recessed, and pedestal mounting options are supported. The system utilizes hands-free, full duplex telephone communications between visitors and residents for

    Doorking 1834

    The Model 1834 is an ideal telephone entry system suited for apartment and gated community applications as well as office buildings and industrial sites that have a separate access control system, or require telephone entry only. The single-line LCD display features big 1/2-inch characters for easy viewing and your personalized message scrolls across the screen from right to left when the system is not in use. Our unique «One Touch» CALL button and big A and Z scroll buttons makes this system one of the easiest to use on the market today! For additional security, the 1834 allows you to monitor activity AS IT HAPPENS on your computer display.

    Aegis npb7000p

    150-250 tenants and 150-250 access codes.
    Intercom mode, no active phone line is required.
    Distinctive ringing and call waiting.
    Must have active phone service for call waiting.
    Local programming via keypad with audio prompts.
    1×16 characters electronic liquid crystal display.
    Non-Volatile memory.
    Single Relay.

    Video Intercom System

    At Nonstop Locksmith we offer various video intercom systems for building security purposes.
    Are you looking for a way to identify someone who would want to gain entry to your home or office and decide whether to let them through or not? With video intercom systems, you can do just that with Nonstop Locksmith’s help.

    A video intercom system ensures a buildings safety and prevents intruders and potentially dangerous situations. Whether is a small or large sized facility, with single or multiple units, one or many floors; Intercom Chicago offers many video intercom systems to meet your needs.

    Our video intercom systems allow property owners to have full control of their facility’s entry. Doors, gates, windows, and even full property zones can be monitored using our video intercom systems.

    So how does it work?

    Video intercom is a stand-alone intercom system used to manage calls made at the entrance to a building. It does so with access controlled by audiovisual communication between the inside and outside.

    Video Intercom Systems consists of both outside and indoor elements: an outdoor panel on the outside, an electronic lock release and an indoor monitor. The outdoor panel or street panel is installed beside the entrance door or entryway and has one or several buttons to start a call.

    The video entry monitor allows the occupant to see who has called, and press a button to unlock the door. This all enables the person indoors to identify the visitor and, if, and only if they wish, talk to them and then open the door to allow the calling person to enter.

    If you are disabled it’s completely fine, we have tools which make the system more accessible for people with different disabilities. For the visually impaired, the outdoor panel may include information in Braille alongside the pushbuttons, or a voice synthesiser can also be added which indicates when the door is opened.

    We at Intercom Chicago take security very seriously.
    We are a licensed and insured industry leader in Video Intercom systems that service Chicago and its surrounding areas with repairs and installation for Video Intercom systems in both residential and commercial locations, all at affordable rates.

    We assure our customers that security and safety is our highest priority, all the while making it as convenient for you as possible. Intercom Chicago will be glad to help you, just contact us for a free estimate, survey, and we ensure same day service

    Other available additions include:

    BESPOKE ENTRANCE PANELS: Stylish and sophisticated for your entrance.

    PORTER SWITCHBOARDS: Effective multiple way communication between porter and individual flats. The residents can talk with the assigned porter at any given time from audio or video handheld monitoring device.

    AUDIO ENTRY SYSTEM: A sound rings when someone is at the door. Then you request the person’s identity.

    VIDEO ENTRY SYSTEM: This let’s you see who is at the door or at the front of the apartment or gate. You can confirm who your visitors are and also check their means of identification .

    There are door entry systems that require wires and wireless ones.

    Multiple video intercom systems to cover all external doors and gates. This is with or without recording images and with colour or monochrome Audible or visual intercoms for the front door or gate that goes 2 ways.

    Tailored to customers taste audio or video intercom systems in apartment buildings. Bespoke audio or video intercom systems for commercial or official spaces
    Alarm for doors

    All in all, Intercom company Chicago will provide you with the best services and durable products for your comfort and safety.


    If you need a viable form of communication and a way to control access to the front of your home or business, then intercoms are the most effective technology. At NONSTOP Locksmith we provide intercom installation for residences, businesses and institutions in the Chicago, Illinois area. Our company features the best intercom brands in the industry with names such as Doorking, Linear, Apple Core, Aiphone and Newton. Our intercom systems are state of the art technology providing quality audio communication in all installed areas. We can install residential and commercial intercoms that include audio/video components, front door access control and connections through phone lines.


    We will arrive on site, and help you decide on the best intercom system for your home, office or institution. Our hardware is never secondhand, and all of our products are new and operative systems that can service any of your security concerns. You can visit our store and let us help you find the intercom system that fits your needs. Our professional technicians are effective in the intercom installation process and will make sure that your systems are properly installed and will instruct you on how to use your intercom systems.


    • A large selection of intercoms to choose
    • Technicians trained in the latest advancement and will teach you how to use the intercoms
    • Technicians that specialize as home intercom system installers
    • Installation of substations and master stations for complete intercom system control
    • Wired or wireless systems depending on preference, and also the presence of existing wiring and wall strength
    • Installation of audio intercom, audio/video  intercom and door access control systems
    • Maintenance after intercom installation and instruction on intercom system usage
    • Weather resistant outdoor stations (if necessary)

    Wireless systems are typically the preferred intercom system but if a wired system is needed the intercom installation process differs. The wired intercom system is installed through a phone wire and a dialup connection, and all wiring is hidden through walls and under floor joists so that there are never loose wires hanging around.






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